Individual workshop registration

Workshops Instruction:

Mariachi music instruction will be provided by Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles, joined by local musicians and teachers.

General Information

All students must provide their own instrument. Lunch will be provided by Town Toyota Center.

Student Workshop Registration Fees Include:

1. One day intensive Mariachi instruction by professionals at Town Toyota Center

2. Folder with music for selected instrument

3. Single Participant admission to the Professional Gala Concert

Emergency Contact Phone *
Emergency Contact Phone
Release Form for Participants *
I understand that the Mariachi Northwest Festival does not provide insurance coverage or medical care for the individual participating in the Mariachi Northwest Festival workshops and student showcase, 2018. I further understand that there are certain risks and hazards that may arise in the course of this activity, including accidents or illness. I hereby assume the inherent risks and hazards of the participant in the activity. I acknowledge that any claims for damages against the Northwest Mariachi Festival would be governed by the laws of the State of Washington. Acknowledgement of Risks Factors for Participant: