Welcome our Emcee, José Iñiguez

Mariachi Northwest Festival Gala Concert Emcee

Award Winning Tenor - José Iñiguez

José Iñiguez grew up in the small Washington farming community of Mattawa.  Where he developed a profound love for two very different styles of music, classical opera and traditional Mexican mariachi bolero.  By blending these two styles, he and the artists who perform with him, take you on a cultural journey that pairs the ethereal beauty of opera aria and classical piano with the charm of mariachi bolero.

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Through the encouragement and support of his family, Iñiguez began singing at family events at the age of 12.  During his teenage years, he joined middle and high school choirs simply for the enjoyment of performing.  During his senior year of high school, he entered his first state vocal contest and discovered his inner drive to perform.  He studied with Sydney Knesselroad, PhD at Central Washington University, and currently studies under his professional mentor and retired opera performer, Jerry Hasley.  Iñiguez has been nominated for the Governors Individual Heritage award for 2015 and is an award-winning 2016 Latin Music artist by Univision for his music program Encanto.  Encanto is defined as a cultural journey that pairs the ethereal beauty of opera aria, classical piano and the charm of mariachi bolero.

This past summer, Iñiguez complete a Washington State tour and is currently working with iconic and famous Roberto Lang Studios to bring you his first major recording studio album.  This album will be submitted to the Grammy music awards.  José has also been a huge supporter of the community through his music.  Through his concerts he has raised over $150,000 for scholarships, art organizations and community groups.   

Over $15,000 in Scholarships for Festival Participants!

Hello Mariachi Northwest Festival participants! If you are a senior in high school and attending the Mariachi Northwest Festival workshops, there are scholarships available for you to attend a college/university!

Please view our scholarship page to learn more and apply for multiple scholarships! Winners will be announced at the Gala Concert on Friday, March 31 at 7:30pm